“Most of us have dealt with many consulting firms, but, when it comes time to recommend them to other consultants, we hesitate, or flatly refuse to do it. DCS is the prime exception. DCS treats you right. DCS is more than an employer or partner. DCS is family. Jeff and Shannon are friends for life. I would recommend DCS to anyone who wants to be treated like family.”
Kirk Dimitrakis
Partner since 2010

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. You made my job easier by being a joy to work with. Every person on your staff has been nothing but professional, helpful, and friendly.”
Charles Seafous
Partner since 2005

“My experience with DCS has been great. I have been with several different consulting companies but DCS has been the best. The DCS team is so friendly and helpful with everything. You want a quick response? You get it with DCS. When you talk to or meet the team for the first time you will feel that you have known them for years. The job assignment is great. I couldn’t have asked for a  better one. I am pleased to be part of the DCS family. Thank you T.J. for  bringing me on board.”
Jenny Borsis
Partner since 2007

“I appreciate working with DCS team very much. They are friendly, helpful, and very responsive to my personal needs. For the past 30 years, I have worked with numerous technical consulting firms throughout the United States in commercial nuclear power, shipping and packaging, industrial manufacturing, and aerospace industries. DCS is the best!”
Randy Volkening
Partner since 2005

“I just completed my first year with DCS. I am really quite happy with them. They are very cooperative, if you need something, give them a call or send an  email and they respond quickly. EVERYTHING is taken care of.”
Aditya Biswal
Partner since 1999

“I am in my third year as a computer consultant with DCS, and it was the best career move of my fifteen years in this business. The DCS company operates in a family-type atmosphere and treats their clients and consultants as welcomed family members. DCS provides many excellent company benefits, incentives and group gatherings available to their consultants. My recruiter, and the entire DCS team have been very attentive and supportive of my career development and personal needs. The DCS outstanding reputation amongst clients and consultants makes being associated with this company my pleasure.”
Kathy  Youckton
Partner since 1998

“They are a nice group of people to work with. They are very fun. They give back to people who work for them. This doesn’t usually happen with agencies. At DCS, they want to take care of both their clients and consultants. Everyone who works there is great. They feel more like family or really good friends.”
Sonny Cavazos
Partner since 1998

“I can’t say enough about the DCS team; they have a great reputation with clients and consultants alike. Not only are they good at what they do, but they’re nice people too. After working with DCS for over 10 years, I wouldn’t think about being represented by anyone else.”
RJ Heaney
Partner since 1997

“Thank you and your company for all the excellent consultants that you placed with us. I would have to say that DCS exceeded any other consulting company that I worked with for the Ambulatory, Beacon and Community Connect applications. Thank you again for your expertise and prompt placement of “cream of the crop” Epic certified consultants.”
Mary Cobb-Gutierrez
Partner since 2011